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NHL Secondary Market Recap (April 6-11, 2015)

The NHL resale market for the regular season started to wind down as fast as possible, as the opportunity for playoff hockey excitement revved up. On limited occasions were there ticket flooding issues, which had affected the secondary market only the week prior. In fact, the majority of the secondary was actually fairly firm, especially on pricing, as clearing remaining tickets before they rotted resulted in some nice deals for resellers.

NHL Secondary – April 6, 2015

NHLApril6With only five games on the slate, the Columbus-New York Rangers game took home the grand prize, sporting a $166 ARP – $229.64 MLP – $104.71 GIP. While there were 940 SVG throughout, it helped loft a $215k MCAP. Winnipeg’s visit to the Minnesota Wild proved out to be just as delightful, hitting a $132 ARP – $120.71 GIP but with only 456 SVG. The only bad mark on the night was a $9.86 GIP by the Hurricanes-Sabres, along with a $21 ARP.

April 7, 2015

NHLApril7The Minnesota-Chicago game hit $168.43 ARP – $119.57 GIP against 683 SVG, and saw the same type of numbers for the Rangers-Devils’ contest. The trouble was that the main inventory dumps occurred in some of the most unlikely of places; Carolina-Detroit, Winnipeg-St. Louis, Nashville-Colorado, and New York Islanders-Philadelphia saw massive ticket drops that held down the secondary a little, but each of those had a strong enough demand that they didn’t collapse completely – although the Predators-Avalanche game came darn close at $26.86 ARP – $11.43 GIP.

April 8, 2015

NHLApril8Boston-Washington was the clear winner with a $75.57 ARP – $40.86 GIP against 1,691 SVG with three games on the slate. Each of them did fine enough, except the GIP of $10.43 for the Toronto-Columbus game was glaring.

April 9, 2015

NHLApril9Despite having few games left on the secondary, ticket dumping didn’t occur. It was held steady by a consist stream of hockey fans saying goodbye to their teams for the year if they didn’t make the playoffs. Only way to explain how some of the teams kept their ARP afloat, with only the Jets-Avalanche game hitting below $30 ARP with a $11.71 GIP.

April 10, 2015

NHLApril10Two games on the ice showed that even with Ted Nolan about to be shown the door for the second time for Buffalo, the Sabres-Blue Jackets game somehow offered up a decent ARP-GIP. The Islanders-Penguins had such low listings on the secondary (216 SVG) that it is really had to count whether the high ARP is due to demand or lack of inventory.

April 11, 2015

NHLApril11The last day of the 2014-15 NHL Regular Season was a mighty win for all parties involved, most of the ARPs were at Opening Night levels, in the high-$90s or beyond, with only a few ARPs hovering around the low-$40s marks. Only the Devils-Panthers GIP of $15.57 was worrisome, as the NHL closed out its regular season with an eye toward resale gold in the playoffs.

Data: SeatGeek – Secondary Market Glossary: Click here

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