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NHL Secondary Market Recap (March 16-22, 2015)

Secondary Market Glossary

March 16 – Capitals-Sabres Hurt Winning Monday Hockey Night
With only four games on the ice, only the Capitals-Sabres line hurt resale. With a $172,045 MCAP off 646 SVG, the line had a $36.57 ARP with a poor $16.71 GIP. This was in contrast to the Coyotes-Kings 1,144 SVG (highest inventory available) that held a $77.14 ARP – $48.14 GIP. The other two contests – Leafs-Oilers and Canadians-Lightning offered much higher ARPs ($103.86 and $114 respectively) but only averaged around 700 SVG each on the market, dampening any hope of major profitability.

March 17 – Sabres-Bruins Offers High MCAP, While Senators-Hurricanes Give Horrid GIP
Buffalo helped recover from any doldrums the night prior on the secondary during their visit to Boston, offering up a $1,932,871 MCAP against a 2,677 SVG – $102.57 ARP – $70.43 GIP. One of the hottest resale games was the New York Islanders-Chicago Blackhawks game, a $200.43 ARP – $139.43 GIP but only offering 603 SVG which held its overall value to a $852,400 MCAP.

Whatever the Senators-Hurricanes value was on the primary, it was much lower on the secondary, featuring a 2,468 SVG with a $9.86 GIP. The ARP eroded $4 from 6DE-0DE, showing off a 16% slide during that period.


March 18 – Limited Action Doesn’t Help Blue Jackets-Oilers Poor GIP
A $12.43 GIP with a 937 SVG of deadwood rotting on the marketplace is what the Columbus Blue Jackets-Edmonton Oilers game coughed up, despite a $32.43 ARP. This dinged into the gains made by the other two solid resales of the night, where the Chicago Blackhawks-New York Rangers match-up rallied a $246.29 ARP – $147.14 GIP with 1,443 SVG. The ARP grew by $27 during the 6DE-0DE, and that was only an 11.18% gain, meaning that it stayed consistently high during the entire time.

Another L.A. Kings-Anaheim Ducks match-up at the Honda Center actually faired worse than its previous meeting a month ago. The March 18 line was 1,011 SVG – $169.79 MLP – $69.14 GIP. Compare that to Feb. 27, where the line was 1,923 SVG – $179.85 MLP – $71.57 GIP.

March 19 – Low Inventory On Hot Games Leaves A Lot To Be Desired, Not Had

The low markers of St. Louis-Jets (26 SVG – $114.57 ARP), Carolina-Canadiens (244 SVG – $153.57 ARP) and Sharks-Leafs (687 SVG – $103.43 ARP) meant that all of the hot games had no available inventory to really make a dent in any type of damage left by the lower games, where seating inventory was abundant. That was the case with the Colorado-Arizona contest (1,526 SVG – $37.43 ARP – $17.71 GIP) and the Detroit-Florida match-up (1,263 SVG – $65.29 ARP – $26 GIP). Only the Pittsburgh-Dallas meeting showed any type of true valuation at a $677,155 MCAP with a $56.29 ARP – $20.57 GIP off 1,644 SVG.


March 20 – Red Wings-Lightning Strikes Up Fair ARP
Only three games on the slate for the NHL proved out to be a good thing for the Red Wings-Lightning, who shot up an electrifying $87.29 ARP – $50 GIP off 1,771 SVG. Colorado-Anaheim’s line had to clear a ton of inventory – 2,140 SVG – but sported a $46.57 ARP – $20.29 GIP. The less written about the state of the New Jersey Devils-Buffalo Sabres line, the better.


March 21 – Penguins Make Coyotes Win MCAP For The Night
The Pittsburgh-Arizona match-up fueled a $1,194,843 MCAP against a $747,339 BASE with a line that held a $77.43 ARP – $48.71 GIP with an abundant amount of seating inventory available at 2,147 SVG. Canucks-Kings in Los Angeles gave off a 1,224 SVG – $110.43 ARP – $75.86 GIP with a $954,563 MCAP while the Buffalo-Predators puck drop offered up 2,290 SVG – with a $63.14 ARP – $42.14 GIP and a massive $1,037,446 MCAP that actually increased its ARP by $21 during the 6DE-0DE period.


March 22 – Ducks-Rangers Overwhelm Limited Competition On Sunday Night
The Anaheim-NY Rangers game held a $187.71 ARP – $99 GIP – 1,642 SVG which bouyed a $2,196,146 MCAP. This was over $1 million higher than the other MCAPs of the night, which included St. Louis-Detroit ($1,190,001 MCAP – $88.57 ARP – $68.14 GIP) and Boston-Tampa Bay ($1,033,235 MCAP – $86 ARP – $46.43 GIP). Only the snowbirds lack of resale in Glendale, as the Canucks-Coyotes battle sported a poor line of $43 ARP – $28.86 put a damper on the night’s gains.

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