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NHL Secondary Market Recap – March 2-8, 2015

The Predators-Rangers game March 2 dominated the secondary market in limited NHL action for the night, posting a $162 average price point with a $174 high watermark on the 7-day outlay. There were a steady 1,507 tickets on the market with 2,182 listed on the 7-day outlay, but as of 1-day out, the count listed was down to 979 and 476 by day of puck drop. While the Hurricanes-Blackhawks resale action wasn’t as high in price as the Predators-Rangers, the Carolina-Chicago matchup at the United Center was an average of $122 with a high watermark of $130 achieved at both the 7-day outlay and 3-day midpoint.

A glut of disappointing secondary resale action was on March 3, where the average marketplace price listing was $48 across the board for 9 NHL games. Only the Ottawa Senators at the Minnesota Wild did anything drastic, hitting an $84 average price point on the night against a 1,067 seat availability average, followed up the San Jose Sharks at the Vancouver Canucks. What weighted down the resale marketplace was the Capitals-Blue Jackets $30 average ticket showing (1,636 tickets available average) and the Ducks-Coyotes $32 average showing against 2,081 seats on the market at the Gila River Arena.

$100 Price Tag Of Ottawa-Winnipeg Game Masks Low Seat Inventory

While the market appeared to recover a little on March 4, but the $100 average Ottawa-Winnipeg game at MTS Centre for reselling tickets has very few seats up for grabs (average 35 available). Both the Rangers-Red Wings game in Detroit ($67 against a 3,078-seat average) & Pittsburg-Avalanche game in Colorado ($68 against a 3,048-seat average) hid the poor showing by the Canadiens’ visit to The Pond in Anaheim, where the Habs-Ducks contest averaged a $42 resale price overall against 2,570-seat availability, but tickets had dropped to $31 on day of the puck drop.

The Flames-Bruins March 5 game was something special at a $90 average, hitting $102 at the 7-day outlay, then cresting at $93 at the 3-day mid-point against a seat inventory that averaged 39 seats on the marketplace. Canadiens-Kings in L.A. did a $78 average showing (2,383-seat availability), and the Leafs-Lightning showed some strength at $64 per ticket average resale (1,896 seat availability). Other than that, each of the markets were $50 or far below for the remaining 5 contests on the NHL slate.

NHL Gets Socked By Poor Sales Despite Successful Day

The Oilers-Blackhawks March 6 game proved out to be a resale winner, posting a $180 pricing average, with a $195 midpoint at the 3-day and a $199 high watermark at the 4-day outlay. Flames-Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena did a $103 average, hitting $114 on the 4-day outlay before falling fast to $88 by day of the puck drop. Sabres-Senators ($41 – 1,299 seats), Blue Jackets-Devils ($42 – 2,179 seats), Wild-Hurricanes ($44 – 2,121) weighed down the overall returns with poor resale showings.

Three NHL games on March 7 averaged over $139 for their resale pricing periods; The Blues-Leafs game fetched exactly $139 average on the market, while Pittsburgh-Los Angeles grabbed a $140 ticket average and the Flyers-Bruins hit $165 for their resale average price. Sabres-Capitals ($94), Jets-Predators ($84) and Canucks-Sharkes ($78) helped lift the night’s average to $91 overall. This, despite the poort showings of Colorado-Columbus ($55), Stars-Lightning ($53) and Islanders-Panthers ($53) which weighed down the overall night.

The Rangers-Blackhawks game hit $212 for its average, with a $247 high watermark at the 7-day outlay, with a $204 at the 3-day midpoint. Avalanche-Wild at the Xcel Energy Center hit $140 on average, with a $150 price average at the 2-day outlay. Red Wings-Bruins ($125) and Flyers-Devils ($109) helped create a great day for resellers, despite losses on the market by Flames-Senators ($43 average) and Oilers-Hurricanes ($35 average).

All data provided by SeatGeek.

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