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NHL Secondary Market Recap (March 23-29, 2015)

March 23, 2015

The NHL’s Minnesota-Toronto game took the cake with a $68.43 ARP – $132.21 MLP against 1,048 SVG and a $514k MCAP. While the Colorado-Calgary game sported a comparable ARP at $63.86, there was only 598 SVG, meaning limited action overall for resale profit. The Chicago-Carolina match-up had 2,300 SVG with a $54.29 ARP, but only $24.57 GIP (which slid 16.7% in the six days leading up to the game).

March 24, 2015

The Los Angeles Kings’ visit to Madison Square Garden paid off handsomely for resellers, hitting a $230.57 ARP with a $132 GIP against 1,031 SVG ($1.7 MCAP – $934k BASE). On the opposite end was Anaheim-Columbus ($30.86 ARP – $10.57 GIP – 1,049 SVG) and Florida-Tampa Bay ($36.57 ARP – $16.43 GIP – 2,238 SVG).

March 25, 2015

The NHL was lucky it sported so limited of action, the Blackhawks-Flyers 2,763 SVG flooded a market and revealed a $58.71 ARP – 29.71 GIP. The Colorado-Edmonton game gave way at $13 GIP, while the Dallas-Calgary offering had only 783 SVG, meaning that the $65 ARP – $25.14 GIP wasn’t felt significantly.

March 26, 2015

Out of the 11 NHL games set on that slate, only two of them had an ARP over $100. The Canadians-Jets game was more of a false-positive, as the ARP of $215.43 was off-set by the extremely limited inventory available (241 SVG). The Ducks-Bruins meet-up in Boston did serve as the best resale action with 1,295 SVG and a $110 ARP – $75.71 GIP. The Arizona-Buffalo game showcased a putrid GIP of $14.57 off 692 SVG.

March 27, 2015

Limited action of the night with three NHL games sported high ARP, but only due to low available inventory on the marketplace. Columbus-Chicago ($209.71 ARP – 586 SVG) and Calgary-Minnesota ($115 ARP – 794 SVG) led the way on the small offering.

March 28, 2015

Seven of the 13 NHL games offered up an ARP higher than $100. All but a few had limited inventory available to sell, thus crushing the profitability of the games played. Resellers did have a wide gap on the Tampa Bay-Detroit match-up ($127.57 ARP – $88.29 GIP – 1,397 GIP) but also saw a New Jersey-Carolina GIP of $15.29 with 2,533 SVG.

March 29, 2015

The SVG across the board was so limited as resellers seem to be offering up less inventory onto the marketplace. This caused a swell of demand for the Washington-New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, where 735 SVG hit against a $307.14 ARP. The San Jose-Pittsburgh contest ($97 ARP – 329 SVG) and Blackhawks-Jets ($168.86 ARP – 71 SVG) sported the same types of lines.

All data comes from SeatGeek. Click here for a glossary of abbreviations and terms.

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