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NHL Secondary Market Recap (March 30-April 5, 2015)

The LA Kings-Chicago Blackhawks matchup March 30 made for a great overall resale situation start on the secondary from the period of March 30-April 5, 2015. The game offered up a $1.815 million MCAP with a $158.71 ARP – $102.57 GIP against 1,578 SVG. One of the highest ARPs was actually one that had a lower overall MCAP, that being the Toronto-Boston bruiser with a $182.29 ARP – $145.57 GIP against a $1.497 million MCAP. Both games helped the week push some good numbers, while also sporting a lot of bad ones, as the NHL playoffs come quick enough.

NHL Secondary March 30, 2015

NHLMarch30Along with the LA Kings-Chicago Blackhawks game, there were 5 other games on the docket. Only the Tampa Bay-Montreal game lived up to any true resale standards in terms of a decent $126.86 ARP – $96.57 GIP, yet held only a $315k MCAP because of the low average listing numbers of 354 SVG.

This was a night of flooded inventory being thrown onto the marketplace, with 2,519 SVG for the Canucks-Blues contest ($55 ARP – $31 GIP) holding strong despite that disadvantage. The Edmonton-Colorado game didn’t fair as well, drowning in a 2,106 SVG with a $32.57 ARP – $57.71 MLP and a $12.43 GIP, which ended up being the lowest GIP of the night. The GIPs of Calgary-Dallas ($17) and Sabres-Coyotes ($14.43) didn’t help things either as they rounded out the night on some poor overall returns for the secondary.

March 31, 2015

NHLMarch31There is no victory for resellers when it comes to Winnipeg, despite the high ARP of $162.14 or extra-ordinary $139.43 GIP. With only 87 listings averaged on the marketplace, there was only a $100k overall MCAP, which signifies that there really aren’t enough seats available to sell anything to the masses by resellers to begin with.

The Florida-Boston game was the opposite of that in terms of listing, holding an SVG of 2,002 but carrying a $109.57 ARP – $75.14 GIP and a $1.597 million MCAP. The Ottawa-Detroit MCAP of $1.069 million looks grand as well, but it had a tsunami of 3,405 average seats on the market, only displaying a $44.71 ARP – $25.86 GIP. The true down-point of the night was the New Jersey-Columbus game, where a $23.43 ARP got hit with a $9.57 GIP against 1,242 SVG.

April 1, 2015

NHLApril1The GIPs are no April Fool’s joke, so feel that you’ve been warned. Only four games on the ice in the NHL proved out to be a bad thing, with a low Philadelphia-Pittsburgh contest showing 365 SVG with a high resale of $134.29 ARP. The real story was the flooding of seats at Colorado-San Jose (2,287 SVG) and Edmonton-Anaheim (1,755 SVG). Both showed off dismal GIPs, $19.71 and $15.14 respectively, where brokers was willing to just take anything in order to get back whatever little value they could from those games.

April 2, 2015

NHLApril2Again, the flooding hit the secondary market hard. Only the strong survived, especially in the case of Boston-Detroit, where a 2,354 SVG didn’t harm a $78.71 ARP – $47.71 GIP, leading to the highest MCAP ($1.317 million) of the entire night. A 1,888 SVG flooding hit the Flames-Blues enough to have a $65.29 ARP show off a $43.71 GIP.

Dismal numbers continued for Carolina-Florida ($13.71 GIP) and Islanders-Blue Jackets ($10.14 GIP) where SVG was over a 1,000 for both contests.

April 3, 2015

NHLApril3Only those with low SVG did any better than the night before. The $68.86 ARP – $52 GIP of the Blackhawks-Sabres contest was a bit of a bright spot, except that the 359 SVG was so low that few brokers made any headway with it. Down near the bottom of the rung was the Coyotes-Sharks contest at the Tank, which held a $58.14 ARP – $29.29 GIP – 1,622 SVG, offering the highest MCAP of the night at $667k. The Colorado-Anaheim game at The Pond was offered up at a $20.43 GIP against 1,748 SVG.

April 4, 2015

NHLApril4The New Jersey-New York Rangers game held significant impact on the secondary with a $1.72 million MCAP against 998 SVG and a line of $238.71 ARP – $306 MLP – $166 GIP. Out of the other 12 contests on the ice, four out of five others had enough inventory of held an ARP over $100 and a GIP over $72. As mentioned previous, the Canucks-Jets game in Winnipeg remains the only outlier, as it offered up only 32 total SVG available.

The bottom three of the night that showcased a sore-spot for the NHL were the Sharks-Coyotes ($20.43 GIP), Tampa Bay-Florida ($20 GIP), and Flyers-Hurricanes ($15.43 GIP).

April 5, 2015

NHLApril5The Blues-Blackhawks game hit the mark, with a 876 SVG and $180 ARP – $119.43 GIP for a solid $1.112 million MCAP. Even the flooded listings games, the Capitals-Red Wings in Detroit (1,707 SVG – $66.43 ARP) and Penguins-Flyers in Philadelphia (1,719 SVG – $64.14 ARP) held their ground. The GIP of $21.57 wasn’t necessarily good for the Montreal-Florida game, but it wasn’t necessarily bad either, as the NHL finished the week on a solid note for the secondary.

Secondary Market Glossary – click here

Data: SeatGeek

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