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NHL Secondary Market Recap (March 9 – 15, 2015)

The NHL game March 14 between the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins showcased a dynamic piece of action on the secondary market. Bruins-Penguins typically have an Average Resale Price (ARP) $134.20 dating back to March 2012. Since that time, there have been some grave hiccups to a lofty resale after hitting a high watermark point in March 17, 2013 which showed off a $166 ARP.

The past two meetings between the two clubs (October 2013 and January 2015) have yielded $113.50 ARP. Those dismal numbers for such a crucial hockey match-up changed March 14, 2015, when the secondary market hit $159 ARP. Part of this was due to the club seating level, which offered up a $292 ARP. Lower End Seating was $193 ARP, Upper End Seating came in at $120 ARP. Even standing room only tickets (SRO), had a $84 ARP.

Part of this was due to a seating average inventory (SVG) shortage. Only 265 listings were on the market across the board. The median listing price (MLP) shot up to $286.42 with a get-in price (GIP) of $149.33. A key indication of the low inventory was the overall market cap (MCAP) at $43,706.83 with a listing market cap (LMC) of $66,055.08.

March 9, 2015 – Islanders-Leafs A Hit On Solid Monday Night

The New York Islanders came into the Air Canada Center against The Toronto Maple Leafs, and pulled out an amazing $124.17 ARP – $192.42 MLP – $74.83 GIP with 1,078 SVG on the market at any one time. Pittsburgh’s visit to San Jose proved out that a Penguins-Sharks match-up has legs, with an $80.50 ARP – $115.92 MLP – $44.17 GIP off an abundant amount of seat inventory, with 3,030 SVG listed across the board which results in a absurd $214,953 MCAP – $304,929.17 Listing Market Cap.

The Predators-Coyotes resale was nothing short of dismal with a line of $30.33 ARP – $57.67 MLP – $14 GIP and 2,009 SVG.

March 10, 2015 – Rangers-Islanders Slapshot Secondary ARP Hard

The old rivals of The New York Rangers-New York Islanders hasn’t been felt in about 25 years, back when the Islanders where holding up Stanley Cups. But with The Islanders getting ready to move down to the Barclay’s Center, and their success on the ice, coupled with final regular season meeting with the Rangers on the Islanders’ legendary home ice, things heated up enough for a magical resale of 4,573 SVG at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

The line of $252.17 ARP – $354.92 MLP – $175.17 GIP had a $1,009,862.50 MCAP – $1,404,396.33 LMC with a baseline get-in (BASE) of $696,766.33. Seating inventory started at the 6-day out of event point (6DE) with 4,169 listings offered for $233 ARP – $319 MLP – $168 GIP. At 5 days out, inventory went up to 5,031. The 3-day midpoint to event (3DM) stayed steady with 4,759 listings offered up and a $223 ARP – $309 MLP – $147 GIP. By day of event, listings were down to 1,656 with $182 ARP – $280.50 MLP – $131 GIP.

Not to be outdone, The Tampa Bay-Montreal Game at the Bell Centre yield a $140 ARP – $274.92 MLP – $96.17 but had such a sparse amount of inventory listed on average (471 SVG). The Devils-Wild had the only other resale win at $98.17 ARP – $163.75 MLP – $80.67 GIP. The Jets-Blues game at the Scottrade Center limped into the secondary market, with a $31.83 ARP – $11.83 GIP off 2,789 SVG available.

March 11, 2015 – Three Games Hit Hat Trick For Resale

Limited inventory for only three games on a Wednesday night actually made waves for those selling moving tickets. The Calgary Flames’ home of the Scotiabank Saddledome had only 725 SVG listings for its game against the Anaheim Ducks, but sported a $99.33 ARP – $112.50 MLP line with a $33.50 GIP.

The Rangers-Capitals at the Verizon Center hit $100 ARP – $137.67 MLP – $53.83 despite a 2,029 SVG sitting on the marketplace. The Sabres-Leafs took home the award for being the top in their class in the resale market – because holding a Stanley Cup isn’t in their future or your lifetime either. The Sabres-Leafs line: $101.33 ARP – $186.58 MLP – $66.17 GIP off 1,141 SVG.

March 12, 2015 – Coyotes Get Snowbird Interest In Arizona

The Arizona Coyotes typically don’t see a Gila River Arena resale ARP number north of $40 for their home games. But when the Chicago Blackhawks come to town, all bets are off. The line hit the highest of the night: $190 ARP – $257.67 MLP – $150.50 with only 526 of available inventory listed on average. The Coyotes had only a $87,327.50 MCAP – $119,197.33 LMC with such limited ticket offerings.

The Coyotes beat out several other contenders for highest ARP of the night, including the $254,300.17 MCAP of the Lightning-Bruins at the TD Garden in Boston with a line of $131.67 ARP – $161.75 MLP – $84.17 GIP with 2,209 SVG listed at any one time. Three other teams boosted the secondary up, hiding the putrid numbers of Dallas-Carolina ($11.83 GIP), Jets-Panthers ($16.17 GIP), and Devils-Avalanche ($19.67 GIP).

March 13, 2015 – Leafs-Flames Burns Up Secondary, Oilers-Jackets Puts It Out

Who says that the Canadians can’t understand capitalism, eh? The Toronto Maple Leafs visit to the Calgary Flames resulted in a $177.33 ARP – $353.58 MLP – $113 GIP due to low inventory. A $91,799.83 MCAP – $182,403.33 LMC – $57,821 BASE were decent for the seat listings offered.

Ducks-Wilds hit a $138 ARP – $238.75 MLP to help protect the secondary against the poor showing of the Edmonton-Columbus game at Nationwide Arena: $32.50 ARP – $84.04 MLP – $15.83 GIP – 1,728 SVG.

March 14, 2015 – Habs-Isles Soars With A $300k Plus Market Cap

Maybe The New York Islanders’ just need to keep having “final regular season games” wherever they go as a marketing ploy. It seems to be working. The Montreal Canadians-New York Islanders hit something special for their match-up, offering up a $305,355.50 MCAP, the second highest of the week. Only the Rangers-Islanders MCAP of $1,009,862.50 was higher. The line was $118.17 ARP – $169.33 MLP – $75.83 GIP off 2,907 SVG.

The Habs-Islanders’ ARP wasn’t the highest of the night. That belonged to The Predators-Kings game in the Los Angeles, sporting a line of $118.83 ARP – $186.58 MLP – $79.33 GIP with a 1,631 SVG. The Red Wings-Flyers game came close at $117.67 ARP off 1,172 SVG and the Blackhawks-Sharks hit $115 ARP – $154.75 MLP – $68.17 GIP off 2,266 of average listings available.

March 15, 2015 – Limited Seats Boost Primary, Holds Back Secondary Action

The Detroit-Penguins game had a $170.17 ARP but only offered up an 291 SVG. Same with the ridiculous numbers showed by The Panthers-Rangers game, which had 896 SVG against a $264.67 ARP – $305.92 MLP. Only the Bruins-Capitals game at the Verizon Center had decent inventory to a high average resale price, showing off a 1,781 SVG to $113.50 ARP.

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