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Blog Post – Piped Piper Incentives

The industry talks a lot about how they can provide incentives to a group leader. Usually, they toss them a hat, a couple tickets to an upcoming game, and things that are still within the realm of the team’s game.

Here’s my question: What if that group leader doesn’t desire your product?

Maybe that group leader is simply doing the group buy, the legwork of that massive amount of 100-1,000 single game tickets for a scout troop, elementary basketball team, an office function, etc.

Since person has the power to flip off “the switch” a year from now and eliminate your games as their “group buy go-to.”

All because you didn’t incentivize them right.

Here’s my solution: What if instead of giving them your product, you provided them with something opposite of your product? There are corporate sponsors in your portfolio. Why not see if one will trade 50-100 spa or hotel getaway packages as part of their agreement?

Since you are seeing an ROI of the group buy, it’s a worthy investment of your time and trade. And, when it comes down to it, that group leader is now WAY more interested in doing that group buy of your team’s single game tickets next year, even if they have no personal interest in your product.

It’s worth a shot, right? Especially since the alternative may be turning them off instead of getting them engaged.

But why put so much interest in groups? Sure, they are a lot of work, but its about OPTICS. The idea that you can fill a space (previously a void of empty seats) which supports the idea of creating demand for your product with single game buyers. Group sales are leverage to those watching at home or in the stands. FILLED seats mean interest.

Group leaders are important for another reason: Without them, the groups that do buy in mass tend to be unfocused. That’s the issue with the “super group” is that it brings out a disjointed bunch of folks inside that affiliation. And without a group leader handling all of the main issues, that’s left up to the group sales staff. That’s why group leaders are an asset and a gold mine, especially in year 2, 3, & 4 when that group sales member goes after that business again.

Question: How much more effort has to be spent to retain a group leader? Couple that with the effort it takes to replace the group leader because you didn’t provide them with something that they truly want out of the deal.

Teams need to refocus on what a group leader WANTS so the team gets what they want: Higher retention of group sales.

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