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Regressive Pricing On Tickets

I’m not sold on regressive ticket pricing working. Frankly, its still a mystery to me how two Power 5 schools have attempted the pricing, on the recommendations of academics, and failed to account for the human condition.

People don’t act rationally, especially when it comes to purchasing a product. Especially when it comes to tickets.

The regressive pricing format, otherwise considered a “reverse pricing,” is built on the notion that farther out, the ticket price is at its highest, slowly reducing toward game time to its lowest.

It doesn’t account for several variables, including the fact that there are also multiple discounts, and patrons who will wait until exactly game time to purchase.

This is the stuff that administrators like to pass off as innovation, because it hides the fact that there is no mystery behind it.

Name an administrator who got fired for being wrong when pricing their product incorrectly. The only administrators that I can name are those who take credit for “innovations” that yield marginal results.

Maybe that’s the point. Regressive pricing leads to regressive credit. With the facts being the only thing harmed in the process.

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