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Relationship Data Denials

Physically pounding the pavement is nonsense. Because it forgets that without information, you are randomly cultivating what little you have in terms of prospecting potential.

Consider what data can provide and go beyond the basics of name, title and other smaller contact variables. Who is this person? Why would they want to hear from me? Why would they want to buy from me?

A lot of data points are useless when it comes down to a sale. But the key ones that always win out are information that make the prospect unique; what are the notes for each customer, and how they paint the picture of a full person when reading it?

Executives who deny data, or don’t really play into requiring notes filled out during face-to-faces or sales calls, are destroying the ability to grow their revenue. Information is king, especially when it can result in relationship growth.

Relationships are built on information development. Everything you learn from a person, helps you evaluate the trust you’ll put into them. And whether you’ll want to interact with them in the future.

It can also help you learn whether you are pounding the pavement, or actually meeting someone who wants to buy.

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