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Rise Of The Blanket Social Media Invites

Social selling has encouraged the trend of created blanket personalized invites. The common tool is to create a jpg or video message, which is posted into the social seller’s feed, for an event upcoming. With the attitude of a VIP experience, except that it allows everyone who sees it, regardless of their buying capacity, to circumvent the velvet rope into the event. This does nothing for the prospect, and even less for those sending out those invites.

Blanket invites by themselves are not personalized. By definition. Yet, because of the ease, there are many of them going out into the ether. Especially in sports business, where the attitude seems to be to gain VIP prospects by showing off luxury suites through specialized events. But if these events are so specialized, why are sports sales staff targeting anybody and everyone in their social network? It feels like there needs to be a straight forward lesson in who is actually seeing your post, and how its likely not targeting specifically who you want.

Social Media Feeds Include Everybody, Not Your True Prospect Targets

Your social media feed is full of folks who may have VIP buying capacity. But it may also have a ton of administrative assistants, interns, young professionals and others who do not have that buying capacity as well. This is the trouble with the majority of social media networks, they provide a blanket statement to broadcast, only allowing you to specify your reach to targeted prospects when you buy advertising from them. LinkedIn hasn’t shown any tangible proof of its advertising measurements enough to be invested in, but Facebook has, which is why both tend to go away from allowing you to target prospects, even those you are connected to, without spending advertising dollars through their service.

This type of social selling gets worse when you are attempting to move a premium product. These are the high-end service categories which entail a specific clientele. If you advertise it for free, and its seen by those without the spending capacity to buy the product, it is likely going to be filled with the wrong prospects. And the worst type of sales environment is one filled with non-buyers or cheap buyers, who tend to help talk your buying prospects out of spending money. If there’s one thing that a cheap person does, its advocate for others around them to also be cheap, or belittle the product, as a way to protect themselves from being the sole prospect not investing.

By putting a blanket invite into your social media feed, that’s who you are broadcasting your message to.

What’s So Personalized About A Blanket Invite?

Personalization means that you know who will be in the room. This should be coordinated through your CRM capabilities in order to ensure that you are getting the right prospects to witness the product. Furthermore, you should be actually initiating a personalization campaign directly to them. If you cannot spend the time, resources, to directly contact these prospects, then what good is making an invite personalized in the first place?

If you are targeting c-suite prospects, especially for premium inventory, you should know the administrative assistants. That means building up a direct communication with them. Sales has typically gotten the mantra that administrative assistants are “gate keepers” and allowed sales people to disregard their value. Administrative assistants are often the coordinators of a c-suite executive’s schedule, and getting on that schedule for your event requires their help. How you treat that administrative assistant, and how you interact with them, especially on a personal level, will denote whether your event will get, as well as stay, on that schedule.

Creating Desire To Attend

Deciding to create an event with only three weeks lead time suggests that its something created for your benefit, not the prospects. Think of these events like mini-weddings. You need to have enough lead time for people to put it on their schedule, have a reduction of conflicts, and the ability to give a firm commitment that they are going.

You also need a reason “why” they should attend. If its just to look at your premium product, well, that’s not enough. Everyone has premium product to sell. What about your premium product makes enough of a difference in order to have the c-suite executive hand over their VISA Black Card without thinking about it. If your event isn’t worth attending, you shouldn’t expect prospects to feel its worth buying either.

None of this occurs without deciding that your event is worth personalizing. You don’t get any of this in a generic, social selling feed. You have to work for it, know the prospects directly, and target them specifically with the event you are trying to get them to. The time you put into something is in direct correlation of what you’ll get out of it. Social media sometimes makes the event creation, invite process too easy, which leads to dour returns when expecting people to show up.

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