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Service So Bad You Can Taste It

We all expect bad service. We’ve had it so often, in every component of our daily lives, that even getting adequate service is remarkable.

People don’t live up to their own standards. To their own brand promises. Because good enough is somehow good enough.

This is why consumers are reduced to price when making buying decisions. Because they expect that the service carried out, after the sale, won’t delivery as much as the discounted value of the price.

When price becomes the decision-making primary process, it eliminates value entirely. It just comes down to trying to save a buck and gain what little is left.

This is where enhancing service supersedes price. It supersedes the quantity of the product as well. You could have less product, but delivery more service, and gain more customers overall.

Imagine producing less but generating more for your efforts, simply by being better at delivering it. Novel concept, eh?

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