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Shortcuts Are Self Defeating

I was different from my friends as a kid. Because I refused to take shortcuts when it came to video games.

A lot of my friends would buy all of the cheat code books, and know all of the different maneuvers to gain access to the end goal. Or they would hit reset any time that the game got challenging and they couldn’t pass onto the next level.

I was stubborn. I refused. I still haven’t mastered Final Fantasy III, because I refused to use any of the codes that would have given me unlimited power, etc.

Why is this important in sales? Because it matters that you aren’t cheating yourself in the process. When you take shortcuts, you take the quick sale for less money over the long sale for the greater revenue, you harm your chances to grow.

No one wants to have to work for the sale. But when they do, they learn something from it.

In the sports industry, the phone call is typically a way to do this by beating you down with rejection so that you don’t feel it. However, if you get a sale early on, it can become addicting, because while you’re getting rejected, you chase that lightning, that feeling that you had when you got the sale and the customer said “yes” instead of hearing a million rejections.

Cheating the industry is now sticking to the phone call, avoiding other technological advanced ways to sell to your customers.

It’s a re-enforced idea that making those calls is doing something, other than showing effort to the boss. Instead, you should be innovating, even if it means failure, because you’ll learn something from it.

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