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Sports Sales Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts are anything but predictable. When it rains, only the diehard fans come out and watch the game. And then the sun peeks out beyond a cloud or two, right before game time, and franchise executives get to worry about having enough clean seats for customers to sit in. While you cannot control the outside elements, there is something to be said for advanced selling in general. Because anything can happen, and usually does, and if a franchise allows those types of weather-related elements to affect their gate long-term, then they aren’t doing it right.

Understanding What You Are Up Against

When young executives come into the fold, they often question why there is an active effort to sell 10 months in advance of the actual game or season. That’s because there aren’t weather forecasts methodology to know specifically what the disposition of sunshine will drop on the venue or surrounding area. And while a lot of folks reading this may think that I’m only discussing open-air events such as baseball, football and soccer, please think again; it matters just as much to arena sports such as hockey and basketball to sell in advance.

When the weather outside is frightful, especially in a winter wonderland, it can force folks to stay in their homes and not go to arenas. This is why it is important to sell far in advance when the sun is shining and no one is thinking about the wretched weather approaching on Nov. 12, Dec. 17, or Feb. 8. These dates may be arbitrary, unless you factor in the season around it for most areas, where weather forecasts show a blizzard or cold spell, not clear blue skies to attend.

Setting Up To Succeed Against Bad Weather Forecasts

When sports sales professionals, especially the young ones, get on the phone to have the conversation, it needs to be directed at locking in those seats now. Delaying only creates havoc, as the customer begins to question what the weather, along with other issues, may be coming up around that date. By securing those sales now, it prevents the disadvantage to the sports sales division of having the customer decide to back out. If the customer pays, and then declines to attend based on issues outside the franchise’s control such as weather, it goes on the customer, not the franchise. Thereby there are no refunds, possibly no exchanges, and everyone is satisfied with a transaction that occurred back in May for a game in October.

This is why sports sales often is distinct in its efforts for advanced sales. Because anything can happen, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate and God’s water faucet starts pouring out. Unless the franchise has perfected weather forecasts, -and it hasn’t because there are few if any meteorologists on staff – it is best not to wait for good “walk-up” sales or any type of nonsense to save a poorly executed sales effort.

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