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Although I receive a lot of cold calls from vendors looking to do business with me, only one stood out last week, for all of the wrong reasons. I respect the fact that vendors try to reach out to me, and am more than willing to give them the benefit

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSStefan Szymanski has had an interesting week ever since launching his April 23, 2015 blog post which was the shot heard around professional soccer. Using information from a source close to Major League Soccer, Szymanski detailed what he felt were specific

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I’ve written about the dangers of free tickets in terms of market devaluing of the sports franchise in general. I decided to examine it much further on its affects on the per cap financial model for a team each season. This meant doing a lot of “regular math” along with

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I’ve been told by several sports executives off-hand that dynamic ticket pricing elevates what each ticket is charged for on the primary market can be over 89 percent of the time. Don’t kid yourself if you believe otherwise, the variable ticket game is not about getting the right price. It’s

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