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If its gotta be the shoes, then Nick DePaula has a story about it. The Creative Director of has been able to take his fans into the behind the scenes look at the shoe industry, shoe contract endorsement deals, and increase the amount of coverage in overall marketing of

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I’ve never paid the full price for my apartment WiFi service. Never had to. They always are willing to cut me a deal in order to re-up for another year, which I would do anyway. So, their price really isn’t their price, unless you are stupid enough to pay it.

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSBrett Sanders has an interesting dilemma, some of his top games are sold out, while others in men’s basketball are a few seats short, leaving a perception that there are no tickets available even when there are. Sanders discusses some of

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Everyone seems to joke about a zombie apocalypse but for my money, it’s already happening in the form of deal hunters. Businesses seem them as a massive crowd but don’t understand that they are really out to destroy your bottom line AND your brand. My friend who owns a limousine

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