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Individually, sales staff provide some bit of service to their customers. However, they cannot do it alone. Each operational component must be a key part of delivering great service, otherwise no one does. Consider what happens when a sales rep calls on a group leader. The rep develops the relationship,

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSA returning guest to the podcast (Ep. 493), John Ruhlin discusses his new book, Giftology, which is a concept of how to maximize gifting which benefits relationship building through unique strides in care. Ruhlin is quick to point out that this

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Consistent consumers are advocates and supporters of your product long term. They are the folks who you see in the rain during the Tuesday night games, those who show up even when the opponent or the home team are cellar dwellars in a battle of mediocrity. So I’ve been thinking

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