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Teaching Your CRM To Touch

Storing client information is not enough for a CRM in today’s world. Now, it needs to have triggers and workflows, to remind you, as well as help increase, the amount of touches that you have with each client.

Think of the amount of birthdays that you’d have to remember for each client. The CRM not only knows this, but can set up a simple email to send out automatically through a workflow, telling your client that you are wishing them a happy birthday.

Or a simple anniversary.

Or a thank you note for having a meeting, as well as follow-up note.

All of these can sound more personal than they actually are. But as long as they feel engaging, as long as they don’t feel as if they are merely trying to advance a sales conversation further, they have value to the client.

There is a stark difference between a workflow that hits a client with 7 emails in 5 days, and an email workflow setup that thanks them for being a client.

I don’t know that sports sales does enough with its workflows. Or even has enough of a conversation about it. This should be more about building that relationship through various touches, different opportunities, which don’t evaporate time, but give the client a sense that you are thinking about them.

Coupled with the workflows should be periods in which you engage, if the client replies to an email. That means that the workflow isn’t always the sole solution, or a myriad of spam masking toward a sale. Its about making the attempt to engage enough to have a real conversation starter, and then a real conversation beyond that.

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