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The Art Of Egress

Sports marketing is a science with a dab of art. Especially when it comes to understanding how to divert fans from one area of the park to the other. Another consideration is how fans choose to arrive at the game, including the mode of transportation that they use.

Egress is sports marketing 101. Let no one tell you otherwise.

If the fans cannot get into the venue on-time, because of traffic and roadway issues, or huge entry lines, it harms the overall experience.

Imagine having the greatest experience inside the stadium, and a god-awful experience outside.

This is where the sports marketer should be honing their craft, understanding how egress works. As well as ensuring that entry points into the parking lot or stadium are easier on the fans. Otherwise they’ll stay home.

You can sell all of the tickets you want to a venue the first time you open the doors, but if the fans can’t get inside, they tend not to purchase beyond that.

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