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The Art of Forward Thinking

Thinking into the future, whether it be 10 hours, 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 years, takes practice.

We as humans aren’t really expected to play the long game. Especially when it comes to a decade in advance. But forward thinking provides us with opportunities to do so.

When you engage with a prospect or client, ask yourself immediately what follow up steps need to be done. Not just for the initial sale, but the renewal, and even how to grow the sale beyond that.

Forward thinking is helped by workflows, but can also be hindered because of them. Mainly when sales reps use them as a crutch, rather than an asset.

When you implement a workflow e-mail, there should also be some human follow-up, which is why alerts come due. Imagine each Monday coming around without anything to do that morning in the office. Now imagine being forward thinking, setting alarms on who to reach out to, in terms of renewal or follow-up business.

And the key to forward thinking isn’t just the opportunity to sell. Sometimes its the opportunity to remind.

Clients typically believe their sales reps don’t think of them, unless its to initiate a sale. But if you’ve listened to a client, often they’ll tell you of important dates, to them, that you can set alarms for. Perhaps a child’s graduation or family vacation. Setting an alarm, wishing them well, just as a reminder that you care, can go a long way in the sales process.

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