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The Cost of Packaging

Too often, teams create packs without measuring out the service required in order to handle the delivery of the value achieved.

Think about a 2-guys-2-pizzas pack to help move 2 tickets at a game. That may end up costing way more in trade value, as well as a person handling the delivery of the product to the customers purchasing it, than the 2 tickets are worth.

And while it may be “trade” that they are using in order to build the pack, that trade comes from something, or somewhere. It has to be handled by someone else through corporate sales. Meaning that value was given away, in order to build value achieved.

When creating a package, it comes down to showing all of the costs, including the hidden costs, in order to show exactly what the R.O.I. of the packaging is. Without that type of information, and dissection of the overall product package in terms of each component of cost, there is really no benefit to selling the product its current form.

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