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The Expense Of Revenue Creativity

What does it cost your team not to do something extra?

If spending $200-$300 creates $100,000 worth of new business, is it worth it? What about spending $10,000 to create $1.5 million? Or $100,000 to create $10 million?

Some teams might balk at the expense, merely because its not budgeted for.

Consider how silly that reads in this blog. Yet you know specific bean counters who will stop at nothing to halt such an expenditure.

If you truly know of something that can yield such a profit, it doesn’t always have a predictive forecast set almost 8 months prior, when the budgets were initially set. Revenue creativity doesn’t always happen that way.

Is it worth your team to have an additional $200,000 set aside in the budget, simply for the advent of revenue creativity throughout the season? Overhauling that specific core area that could be revamped, or that software overhaul that could be initiated, which fosters more revenue growth to further the franchise.

There are always things to spend money on. But the right things need to be initiated when the idea is birthed.

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