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The Idea Matters, But So Does Implementation

I love a great idea. Especially when I get to hear something creative come from someone else’s brain. But that’s the rub right, its just an idea at that point. How do you make it float? How do you ensure that it is great than just something someone said once, waiting for other people to take and utilize, only to then have the originator, who did nothing with it, complain? These are the issues sorted out best by others, I guess. I always make attempts to implement beyond the original idea.

If your idea is so brilliant, it needs to thought of as the first step in the process, not the last. An idea is nothing if not pushed by a champion, especially if it gets nowhere else. And in order to get anywhere, you must push the idea into the realm of belief for others. Think about how powerful believers are to any message. They carry it forward, push for further brilliance, and end up fostering its growth into a mighty powerful lobbying effort for change.

Whether that be for business, social or political. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is, getting that idea off of the ground and actually implementing it.

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