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The Multitude Of Plan Introductions

You can confuse your audience by introducing too many variables. Too many different mini-packs. Too many different group rates.

Cellular companies initiate these all of the time for their customers. Frankly, I find the majority of them confusing.

Suddenly, there are friends and family and weekend and free movie pass for buddies and a million other plans and features when you have a new cell phone contract, and…

Are you gaining customers with these models, or creating short-term bumps that lead to nothing concrete in the long-term?

I was chatting with a racetrack that had about 15 different ticket plans. I asked one of their internal folks how many were sold of each pack. The answer: “Not very many of them.”

If two of 15 packs are selling, then why have the other 13? What does it do but confuse the customer?

Yet, when people design packs, they don’t really think about that. They think of choice, not realizing that too much choice tends to weigh down the actual buying of the customer.

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