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The Sales Rep Digital Content Calendar

Here’s a secret. This blog post was written in September, but released in December. Many of the others were as well, in order to build up a content calendar.

The secret isn’t to create something to release it immediately. The goal is to have person often consume something, which may have been developed and crafted many months prior.

It is the same with the podcast episodes, or even the majority of the email newsletter that goes out. Just because you see it now, doesn’t mean it was created yesterday.

Sales reps should be looking at how they can foster digital calendars.

This is about building a relationship with your prospective customers throughout the year. Imagine sitting down each week, for 30 minutes, and writing 5 smaller blog posts which cover the same subject, but from different points of view. Segment them in 250-300 word blocks. Then schedule them for release.

All of this comes down to what information you provide and how to gain the interest of folks reading it, where they don’t feel sold to.

No one enjoys the idea of reading blatant sales messages. But they will buy if they like you, through your writing, while painting the picture of different features of what you are selling. Give them a reason buy, following the tracking links to show who interacted most with the blog posts, and set up workflows to engage them.

A content calendar set months in advance can pay large dividends in the future.

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