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The Tightrope of Trust

Trust carries a value that is intangible.

You cannot quantify it. Because there is nothing like it on the value scale.

When a customer trusts you, there is a belief beyond just the product. It means that the customer will allow you more leeway than anyone else. Because they believe in the honor of your word, or your delivery in the service. They question nothing, even when they probably should.

Trust is not something that happens automatically. But when it occurs, it is bedrock. It is solid. There is no comparison thick or strong enough.

But when the trust isn’t there, or it is broken, that enough dynamic between sales rep and customer changes. Suddenly, the customer puts into question everything. They don’t allow you leeway on delivery of your service, nor do they believe in what you have to say.

Trust is a tightrope.

You have to navigate it back and forth, and ensure that you don’t fall off into the pit of distrust.

Once you lose trust, there are few if any ways to ever gain it back. Ever.

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