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The Trouble With Loaded Questions Is That They Provide Good Answers

Think about why a question is asked in the first place? Not only to illicit a response, but also to ensure that you get back information within the answer. And when you are asking multiple follow-up questions, or creating a conversation, some of the initial questions that you ask must be loaded.

Why? Because it gets the other party talking, which is the point. Too often, we see the interviewer merely give one off questions, things that don’t really interest the listener nor the answering party.

So, why do interviewers do this? Because they want to sit on a soapbox and merely give off of their own opinions, using the answering party as a sounding board in order to subject the listener to their own pet theories.

This is why loaded questions matter, and are important when it comes to conversation. Otherwise, there’s just noise.

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