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The Value of Influence

When sales reps network, they should be attempting to gain access to an influencer. Someone who can cause others to buy your product because the influencer helps make the sale.

Influencers tend to be the easiest people to gain access to, but rarely get provoked into helping make the sale. Specifically because sales reps look past them in order to gain the direct ear of the prospect with the most wealth. Influencers may not have the position or title or money, but they often have the ear of the people who do within their sphere of networking.

Sales reps should try to find out who others tend to talk about, and why. Sometimes, influencers expose themselves simply by being the life of the party at any event, or have become the point of contact at the event.

When an influencer speaks for the sales rep, and the sales rep’s product, to others, it can make a huge difference. Because the influencer is pushing their trust forward, through themselves toward the sales rep and the product. There’s a specific shine, for a small bit, on the sales rep and product to be just as important as the influencer’s own credibility.

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