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Thinking Outside The Box With Suite Sales

There is always the ability to create asset demand for luxury suite and premium spaces in a sports facility, even if this means utilizing the idea of selling that inventory in one-night opportunities as cultivation tools for larger, more extensive business relationships with corporate clients. Normally, these sales are done on multi-contractual packaging deals, extended out for a number of years. But as some minor and major league professionals have begun to offer up single game suite opportunities, there still remains the ability to engage in prospecting for a longer-term buyer of the luxury experience.

The beauty of the suite is sometimes the hardest to convey to someone who hasn’t occupied one during an event: The experience. As much as ticket representatives can try to share and sell “the experience,” there is little that can be done to match the actual experience by each user in a suite during the night of an event. It’s not just catering, but a lifestyle, which makes a suite special. Those who never attend games in suites can never truly understand the magic of being in one, until it happens to them. But once they step inside a suite, or a high-end premium seating area, for a game, the experience tops all others.

This is about having the opportunity to utilize private restrooms undisturbed. Or allow your guests to leave their jackets, purses or other valuables in secured areas. There are televisions showing other game broadcasts, and suite attendees can avoid having the some lunatic drink too much beer sitting behind them while cursing around their kids. All of these experiences are available in a closed-environment of a suite, where essentially an attendee can get one of the best views in the house, as well as an extensive food menu.

So, how do you cultivate those who have never had a suite before, even for a one-night event? Often, suites are viewed by outsiders by their price tags, and not for what intangibles that they offer to the user. This is where the sales staff must hone their skills, as well as target the wants, needs and desires of each prospective group, seeking out exactly why they would use the suite. This goes beyond the standard entertainment offerings, and into a utilization which helps each suite holder’s business grow.

Engaging VIPs In A Whole Different Way

Every business can cater to VIPs. However, automotive dealerships have to always cater to their VIPs in a wholly different manner. It’s a special category. There are often car buyers, who visit an automotive dealership annually, and can move high-end, specialty vehicles off the lot. Think limo services, cab companies or ambulances. These car buyer VIPs are a priority for each dealership to maintain as clients, because of the inventory they move and the revenue that they generate.

Flip that even further, and look beyond just the car and truck industry portion of dealerships. If your franchise is located anywhere near farm country, there are agriculture equipment dealerships nearby. Every city has at least one or two construction vehicle dealerships that offer up sales for heavy loaders, cranes and other job site moving vehicles for the building industry. Each of these segmentations have their own VIPs; buyers who come in and can use their annual budgeted dollars for a large, significant buy.

That means business to the dealerships. It is enough commerce per VIP that each dealership becomes highly competitive in keeping their buyers in a great relationship building opportunity for years to come. These VIP buyers can come from both state and private industry, creating millions in sales for each specific dealer. This is where the suite experience can be utilized, by the dealership, in order to maintain and foster a great relationship between themselves and the buyers, using sports and entertainment.

Wedding Planners Galore

A lot of group sales happen from wedding parties. No doubt, it is a fun exciting way to experience a game in the stands. However, there is the added benefit of approaching wedding planners. There are hundreds of wedding planning businesses in each large metropolitan area, and one of luxury suites can offer a unique solution to an issue that each wedding planner has: Getting the groom and groomsmen invested in the actual rehearsal dinner. Consider the ability of having to lock all of those men, some who are very disinterested, into a setting where after the dinner in the suite, after the rehearsal of the vows, the toasts by family, that everyone can watch a game from the suite view. Every franchise should be willing to cater to this type of setting, and even allow suites to open a few hours earlier than normal. Why not grab the attention of half the wedding party, and engage in the right way.

Another component of the wedding aspect is the bachelor or bachelorette party. Some of these parties get wild, and sometimes too wild for the general stands. Plus, the attendees tend to enjoy drinking volumes of alcohol. What better way to capture a unique experience than to attend a game, in a suite, where they can let their hair down, and not in close proximity to anyone else. This is unique way to use the suite, especially when that limo service pulls up to the VIP entrance leading up to the suite level of the ballpark.

Business Candidate Recruitments

Job interviews are not the same as cultivated position searches. Some businesses do their best business candidate recruitments for positions by utilizing high-end assets such as exclusive restaurants to get the deal done. This comes in the form of recruiting firms or human resource departments for the major companies in town. This is a great way to show some of high-end offerings of each company, through the power of the suite, for specialized opportunities. While some companies may be suite holders, others may not, and may not see the reason for it. This provides companies with the ability of access, as well as the ability for franchises to tie in results to each successful recruitment search.

These types of opportunities may be found in civil service jobs extensively. Think of a major hospital in town, or a university. Each are bringing in specialized job candidates through a large recruitment process. A hospital’s reputation is not just made on their doctors, but their CFO or CMO, which means that securing such a prestigious job candidate is vitally important in terms of fundraising and medical research grants. The same can be said for military installations who are bringing on new commanding officers. Each of these can cover the opportunity of a suite rental for the night, and eliminate the highest-end product being dark during a game.

Image is everything with the premium product of any sports or entertainment venue. When the fans look up, they expect to see those suites filled. As do other contract holders of neighboring suites. The best impression that can be left for any fan is that the building is full, from the stands to the suites. By targeting different segmentation categories, a franchise comes closer to achieving that goal.

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