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Understanding Your Prospects Business

Too often we sell the prospect on our business. But we don’t take the time to know their business.

This isn’t just on how they have help us. This is about how we can help them.

Consider how several industries operation; construction, insurance, or legal.

Each have their own set components of issues. Some of them financial. Others are set periods in which they are at their highest point of production or volume.

When you decide to engage with these businesses, it goes beyond asking questions. Its about knowing just as much about their business as if you are working in it.

Don’t just surf some trade blogs or gather up general information either. See if there’s a conference in town for their industry, and learn more about it.

This may sound silly, but the short hand you gain off of knowing what construction projects are happening or when budgets are set for the year or who the main decision-makers in the industry are on a city, state, nationally level, will be invaluable toward not only selling them on your sports product, but developing a further relationship with them.

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