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What Do You Want Out Of Your Ticket Platform?

Ticket Platform RFPs tend to focus on the delivery of basic services, a few different features, and it comes down to price. Exactly the opposite of what we hope our customers do when they view our ticket product, we place on the ticket vendor.

Consider the issue at hand though: There are few times that any ticket platform RFP tries to figure out exactly what they want from their ticket platform.

The majority of RFPs are scarce on details, summing up the issue. Most teams don’t know what they want, only what each rival ticket company is willing to compete for.

This becomes an issue of delivery of service, and hurts the teams, because they may be losing out, simply by not looking to ask for more products readily available to them in a wider variety of platform choices.

Teams often wait for ticket platforms to set the tone, instead of it being the other way around. This tends to cause a lack of innovation on the ticket platform’s behalf, simply because they don’t know what the teams really want.

When an RFP is about to be issued, team executives should be sitting down together and coming up with a guideline of what they truly want to see out of their next ticket platform. That doesn’t mean that they won’t have the current platform compete for their business but it does mean that if there are inefficiencies, they should be addressed in the RFP presentation prior to moving forward.

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