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What Is A Connection Worth?

Networking is one of the primary keys to understanding how to engage prospects. Because everyone is in a social setting, the guard is down by comparison of meeting them for an office appointment.

But what are connections worth?

If you are making connections, are they merely connections, or are they friends? Do you care if they have issues at home, or if their businesses suffer? Are you willing to help out in some way if you hear bad news befall them?

This may sound strange, coming from a sales relationship, but consider how that connection’s value can be for you in the long term.

Every type of relationship should be valued in the long term, but that means you will likely have some go through heart ache or issues during the lifetime of your connection.

Imagine if the economy crashes (again). That prospect in the mortgage or lending industry may be having a hard time of things. Reaching out, making sure that you care about them, will help you further your relationship in the long term, rather than ignoring them.

Everyone worries about being wanted for their immediate value; money being the primary one.

But consider how the relationship may change, may deepen, when that prospect or customer realizes that you care about them irregardless if they can buy your product right now. And in many ways, they may be more willing to help navigate you toward others within their network sphere who can afford your product immediately, while that prospect financially recovers.

Kindness and empathy in the long term relationship opens many more doors than it closes.

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