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What Is Your Workflow Worth?

A lot of CRM capabilities with e-mail automation have sales staffs excited.

I’ve been caught in a few of the workflow e-mails before. At the start, you think that you are speaking to the rep, then you realize that you are going down a rabbit hole pattern.

By the third e-mail, you’re disappointed, lost and confused. Because you find out that you are just a number.

Workflow automation has a distinct problem to it: Sales staffs place a lot of effort into e-mail No. 1 and e-mail No. 2, but stop really caring by e-mail No. 4 or e-mail No. 8.

If your customer is continuing to have a conversation with your workflow, by clicking on certain links or opening specific e-mails at different times, you shouldn’t abandon them half way through the process.

Most CRM workflow automations act as if they are all the same. As if they provide the same data, same metric, same output. The issue is whether they offer up the same value, especially when a consumer is at e-mail No. 5, and the sales rep hasn’t decided to send a different type of contact (phone, social, or even an unscripted e-mail) in order to keep the relationship going.

The worst type of automation is when it becomes valueless spam. It means both the sales rep and prospect have tuned out of the conversation completely, and are merely going through the motions with no end in sight.

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