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What Keeps Your Sports From Extinction?

Certain sports have a worrisome estimation of what the future looks like for their survival. Motorsports especially suffers because kids aren’t getting into cars, aren’t as enthused with watching the track.

The key to surviving this is to gain heavy investment from parents and their children. Every sport should be thinking long term when it comes to their fan base, especially in building lifestyle choices.

Kids love group activities which include hands-on involvement. This gets kids to talk and engage with the product through experiences, things that they cannot forget.

Kids also like to be cool. Every kid wants something edgy, a piece of clothing that they can wear to school in the form of jersey or patch or something. Exclusive, but attainable, so that their friends want it as well.

When sales staff look at ways to make fun happen, they should bring in test markets. Find parents who want to involve their children, and ask the kids what they want to see.

Remarkable, isn’t it? Often the last constituency that we ask their opinion on is the one that we want the most. Ask the kids, they’re the most direct and brutally honest when it comes to whether something is fun or not. Kids never hold back.

This is a ground game effort by each team, league and organization. They have to want to survive. The adults aren’t going to last, especially as the kids grow up and become a larger group to reckon with. The last thing that anyone in sports should want is a generation of kids who grow up not consuming your product. That’s what happened to radio, and why no one under 35 really listens to radio anymore.

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