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What Makes This Space Special?

You want consumers to pay for this space, over the other space, in your same stadium. But why?

What makes this space so special that people would decide to buy it, over the space across the way.

Is it behind home plate? Or behind the baskets? Or on the 25-yard-line?

Each of these are positional tracking mechanisms to add value, but they don’t add the entire value to the space to warrant selling it.

What also comes with that space that shows value? Does the space have food? Does it have special visits from VIP guests? Does it get shown on the JumboTron during breaks?

All of these either promote or diminish value, depending on the customer experiencing the product. When you sell to them, they decide what makes this space valuable, depending on what intangibles you have to offer them.

If its just a space, it has no value, but if its a space of value, it will be a hot commodity.

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