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What Was The Value Of Your Meeting?

Does your meeting actually resolve issues? Does it clarify things for those attending? Or is it garbage?

Meetings tend to cause a workflow disruption. They tend to be less interactive than the supervisors hope for, and often do not solve anything.

Good meetings can happen. But the majority could be summed up in an e-mail.

Consider the ramifications of a bad meeting of an hour-and-a-half: For about two-and-a-half hours, your sales reps are not outside selling. They likely are not even selling in the office, because they are preparing for the meeting.

If the agenda goes long, that too can cause many of your staff to lose valuable time working to move the business forward.

Each supervisor should question what information they are providing. Are they actually delivering information of value? Or are they merely voicing what could be said in an e-mail?

That may sound harsh if you’re a supervisor, but its good to challenge yourself. What are you delivering in terms of value, to your staff? Is it worth their time to listen to? Or could they read it through an e-mail on their own time?

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