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When Sales Becomes Harassment

For over three years, I used a SaaS for my ticket office scheduling. Paid annually, it was something that did its job. And for the first two years, I had some interaction with the product’s sales staff, but not a lot. Because a lot wasn’t needed. The product did its job, and I was happy to renew.

But something happened in the last year of the relationship. Now, they started to call me. Not just once to renew, but to find out about how their product worked for me. And they called several times afterward.

These weren’t follow-up calls, these were survey calls. Some asking for 30-45 minutes of my time to discuss their product.

And the calls were random too. By a sales staff that didn’t seem very coordinated. A lot of times, they asked many of the same questions.

The incessant amount of phone calls, e-mails and touch points is the opposite of customer interaction. It bordered harassment. Especially when we were at the top of the sales escalator (annual subscription), yet receiving calls as if we were lapsing on payments.

It speaks to a lack of a CRM. It also speaks to bad sales training.

If you’re harassing your customers into giving up on your product, simply because they don’t want to hear from you so much, it makes it harder to keep renewals going.

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