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Why Aren’t More Group Sales Coming From Meetup?

One of the largest social media channels that has the potential to be mined for group sales is never mentioned by sport sales.

That’s Meetup.

Haven’t heard of Meetup? While everyone focuses on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s Meetup that has the most solid way to reach not only the amount of people in one specific category, but also the group leader to drive the actual group sale.

This social media platform is absolutely never talked about in sports business circles, yet is essentially a social media follower listing of groups by interest and category, who facilitate physical site locations to meetup. Yes, this is the group that sport sales has been waiting for.

Not only does a meetup provide an entire contact list for group leaders, including e-mails and phone numbers, it also allows for continual follow-up e-mails for the entire contact list inside each group. It also has the ability to sell tickets through its channels, or allow external links to outside ticket vendors.

So, why aren’t sport sales professionals building group nights around meetup? Largely because it isn’t one of the big three social media companies, yet has a lot of followers embedded inside of its platform just waiting to be mined.

Consider this:

Under motherhood, the amount of categories are endless, divided by city and subject, and could yield several results for a group night at a minor league baseball game.

The same for singles nights. Not just one type of singles group exists. There are multiple groups, with different varieties and interests, each with the potential to yield massive ticket results.

While the other sport sales professionals focus on Facebook or LinkedIn, where people may or may seen your posting within their group, Meetup is different. Anytime there is a comment or new event posted within that Meetup group, the entire contact list receives an e-mail from it.

Imagine the possibilities. Especially when knowing specifically what each person within that Meetup group is highly interested and passionate about. It also tells you how many people are listed within that group, and they are highly energized to meet somewhere, anywhere, to gather together for an activity. It might as well be your franchise, or the sport sales professional across the street who decides to give Meetup a try.

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