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Why Commissions Matter

I sat across the room from a woman in charge of a large conference athletic program’s revenue portion. And listened to her talk about why she didn’t like the commission structure of sales. It was, to her, something that wasn’t fair, especially when it didn’t factor in the hard work of marketing departments or the operations side of the house.

Those comments are why commissions matter on sales.

Commissions are the great equalizers of a sales staff. One that is generation up to 2,000 calls per day, possibly perform over 50 face-to-face meetings, all while earning a smaller base with a commission built in.

Professional sports organizations have understood why a commission matters for each sales person. It’s the colleges that are struggling to understand the game.

Mainly because the marketing and operations departments don’t understand that they aren’t generating fans, not in the same way that a sales staff does.

Marketing departments focus on branding, imaging, and advertisement of the product.

Operations departments pinpoint exactly how to get everyone through the doors, ensure the safety of their fans, and maintain a quality production.

But the sales staffs are the ones who actually have to go out, seek new business and renewals, and bring those fans into the facility in the first place.

Each have valuable components to them, but the sales staffs specifically have to make the largest amount of outreach in this game.

That’s why they get commissions off of each sale.

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