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Would You Buy Your Own Product?

Sales reps typically are willing to push a product, even if fewer of them would actually buy it personally. That presents a problem for both of the organization and the sales rep.

If you cannot see yourself having value in using the product, how can you offer it, correctly and precisely, to meet the needs of those prospects you are trying to sell the product to?

When sales reps offer a product that they wouldn’t dream of buying themselves, the entire process comes off as dispassionate and unimaginative. And often, they don’t sell many of the product to anyone because of it.

This is also a very concerning attitude for the sales rep to have anyway. Because it comes off to the prospect in conversation. As much as the psychology of sales has been directed toward what the prospect is thinking, there is also a point where the sales rep is being evaluated as well.

And the prospect is wondering if the sales rep is selling anything of value whatsoever. If the sales rep doesn’t seem likely to buy it themselves, yet is willing to push off the product to the prospect, it comes off as a shady enterprise overall. Most prospects back away from such discussions.

Any time that a sales manager notices that one of their reps doesn’t seem to view the product’s value as important, that should sent alarm bells off immediately. Sales reps should also be encouraged to try out the product, prior to selling it, in order to place themselves in the mindset of the customer.

All of this comes back to resolving the simple idea of having each sales rep understand why it is important that the customer possess and use the product. It isn’t about sales for a transactional sake either. It is about understanding that the value is great enough, that the sales rep should want to help the prospect gain the product in order to use it.

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