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Your Decks Suck

Sponsorship decks are typically a crime. There are so many better ways to do it, rather than a tired PowerPoint. Yet, the company won’t spend the money on the decks, or don’t think that it garners any relevance to the sale.

That’s troubling in several scenarios, especially because of what it says about the company. Not only are they willing to send out their sales reps with something from the 1990s, but they also don’t believe that the prospective client looking at the deck will care about the difference in technology and presentation.

As a client, imagine what you lose by not seeing an enhanced sponsorship deck proposal with video, audio and photographs. Or a 360-degree panning shot of the area with various logos inserted.

As a sales rep, imagine what you lose by not being able to share that with a prospective client.

And yet, the company that doesn’t care will continue to push up the metrics, expecting more revenue despite offering less deliverables in terms of sales service.

That’s what it comes down to. A sales service misfire.

All because the technology is there, the prospective client is waiting to be sold, and the company is too cheap to pay for a better deck than a PowerPoint.

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